Darker is an electronic music band with Valerio, Jeps and Evelien.

Dark, romantic, melancholic, entrancing.

Darker is an electronic collective from the Netherlands – an international dark wave/synth pop trio inspired by the common passion for Depeche Mode, Nine Inch Nails, Nick Cave and beat driven electronic music.

It took a disorienting year like 2020 – as pieces of our everyday life were getting lost – to rediscover time, priorities and the need to communicate, the need to make music.

It was during the very particular months of the first lockdown that songwriter Jeps Salfischberger (Brotherhood Foundation/Chillburn and now senior booker for Mojo Concerts) found himself back in his studio writing new music for Darker – his creative outlet along the years, shifting from hiphop and electronica to EDM, that alongside vocalist/keyboard player and radio producer Evelien Rombouts has been seen on stage performing with artists like Die Antwoord, Brokencyde and Jeffree Star.

This sudden surge of new music and new sounds required a new skin, a new piece to the puzzle – found in the shape of Valerio Recenti (Voodoo Chambers/My Propane), a songwriter/producer and vocalist long active in the Dutch and international scene.

The three bring together a vast amount of studio and live experiences accumulated over the years; common passions and artistic influences do the rest, as a mix of raw sounds, layers of grunting synths, grooving and compelling beats and deep, sensual vocal lines come to life and become Darker.

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